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Blockchain infrastructure made

Nodeinfra strives to provide the most reliable blockchain infrastructure services. Blockchain is made simple with us.

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Build reliable blockchain infrastructure with Nodeinfra

Nodeinfra makes blockchain infrastructure simple through one-click, unlimited service.

Built for developers

Nodeinfra is a team of developers. Our goal is to establish secure infrastructure for developers so that they can focus just on their work.

Enterprise grade service

Nodeinfra provides enterprise grade security and availability. We simplify the onboarding process of businesses to the blockchain.

Drive decentralized ecosystem

Nodeinfra drives the decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem. Our nodes are distributed across multiple regions.

The powerful and flexible infrastructure for all kinds of blockchain businesses

Whether you are building web3 games, decentralized finance businesses or dapps, Nodeinfra helps you to build blockchain infrastructure that helps you to focus on developing your product.

We currently support protocols that are in need of Nodeinfra services.

Our nodes are distributed across 5 geographic regions around the globe.

Our nodes provide enterprise level availability with 99.9% uptime.

Dedicated Node

Secure, un-compromised dedicated nodes that work exclusively for you.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 enterprise-grade monitoring system securely monitors and manages nodes.


Globally distributed regions that allow decentralization of the nodes.

Developer experience

Our all-in-one dashboard to provide information on performance of the nodes.

Continuous updates

We continually deploy improvements and new updates to the nodes we manage.

Alert and Customer Support

24/365 notifications to our team and we will take care of the rest.

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Reach out to us, and we’ll get in touch with next steps.

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